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"Vengeance! Vengeance! When and where,
On the house of Coldingknowe,
Now, and evermair."

The curse Thomas put on the nearby estate of what is now known as Cowdenknowes. He told that a persecuting family would, at some time, inhabit the mansion house. This is known to have happened, and although the estate still exists, it is of a much lesser size than it was in the days of Thomas


Many of the old prophecies were obscure, since the words related to the Coats of Arms, and not the names of the individuals;

"That three ships and a shield,
That day shall keep the field;
And be the Antelope beild."

The three ships were incorporated into the Coat of Arms of the Duke of Argyll.  Beild, is a Scots word for shelter.

"The sternes (stars) three that day shall die,
That bears the harte in silver sheen."

George Douglas, heir apparent of Angus, died at the "Battle of Flodden" in 1513. Their Coat of Arms was the heart and three stars.

The prophecies are too numerous to include all of them here, but an old expression relating to the prophecies of Thomas, and the veneration attached to them is as follows;

"When the saut goes abune the meal,
Believe nae mair o' Tammy's tale."

Or in other words; when the amount of salt needed for a meal is larger than the meal itself, only then will the words of Thomas cease to come true.